Susan Wright

Administrator and Founder of the school in 1970, which later became the Ballet Centre in 1986.

Susan received her training from the late Jean Reneé and has taught locally for 47 years. In addition, Susan designs and produces all Ballet Centre costumes, stage sets and props.


Michelle Armstrong

Artistic Director

Michelle received her early training with Susan Wright and studied with Willam Christensen. She has a professional ballet career with Ballet West and danced with Anatoli Kucheruk of the Kiev Ballet, Russia. In 1992, Michelle was named the Artistic Director of The Ballet Centre. She has a BFA in Ballet from the University of Utah, and is certified in the National Teaching Curriculum with ABT. In 2017, Michelle and her family returned to St. Petersburg, Russia for the second consecutive year to study ballet pedagogy, character dance, and historical dance with Oleg Vinogradov and his faculty of Russian ballet masters. Michelle continues her work with Mr. Vinogradov and participates as his rehearsal assistant, ballet instructor and répétiteur for the ballet festivals he hosts.


Natali Baker

Natali started ballet 26 years ago, studying at the Classical Ballet Conservatory in Orem, Utah, and was a member of The College of Eastern Utah’s Ballet Repertory Ensemble. After taking a two-year break to get her degree, she came to the Ballet Centre and has been a member of the Centre class for the past 17 years. She has performed as a soloist in may Ballet Centre productions.


Kaitlyn Daugherty

Kaitlyn has been dancing at the Ballet Centre since 2003, and is currently in the Centre class. In 2010 she became a teacher’s assistant and taught various classes at the Ballet Centre as a substitute teacher where she quickly developed a love of teaching. This is her fifth year as a member of our teaching staff. Kaitlyn has a BA in English from Westminster College, and has attained her Master’s in Education. She is currently student teaching.


Isabelle Armstrong

Isabelle has developed a great understanding for teaching in ballet as well as dancing and choreography. In 2012 she began ballet pedagogy under the direction of Susan Wright, as well as substitute teaching. For the past four years Isabelle has been dancing lead roles in Ballet Centre productions, along with choreographing many pieces for various shows. In 2017, Isabelle’s choreography was featured at the White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia. Along with her international status as a choreographer, Isabelle participated for the second consecutive year in the International Ballet Festival in St. Petersburg, where she performed and studied ballet pedagogy from Oleg Vinogradov and his highly qualified faculty of Russsian ballet masters. She is pursuing a degree in Business at the University of Utah.


Amber Giles

Amber began dancing at the Ballet Centre in 1999 and it has become her home away from home. In 2005 she became the stage manager for Ballet Centre productions. She has a great love for dancing and teaching ballet. She looks for creative ways to teach new concepts to her classes and strives to help her students understand not only how to execute the steps but how those steps build on one another to increase their technique. In addition to dancing and teaching, she holds a BA in Graphic Design and uses those skills to help promote Ballet Centre classes and productions. She also has taken photos for many of the Ballet Centre productions.


Megan Fotheringham

Megan is beginning her 11th year at The Ballet Centre. She served as a teacher’s assistant and substitute teacher for two years before joining The Ballet Centre faculty. This is her second year as a full time teacher. Megan is an accomplished dancer in Centre Class and has danced as a soloist in multiple Ballet Centre productions. In 2017, Megan traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia where she performed and studied ballet, character dance, and historical dance under the direction of Oleg Vinogradov and his qualified ballet masters.


Elizabeth Armstrong

Elizabeth has been a part of the Ballet Centre her whole life. She has danced in leading roles in The Ballet Centre’s productions and staging many ballets for “Ballet Under the Stars.” Elizabeth traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia in 2016 where she performed as well as studied ballet, character dance, and historical dance with many outstanding Russian ballet masters, under the direction of Oleg Vinogradov. Elizabeth continues as a teaching assistant in character class and ballet class, and is currently pursuing an PhD in Engineering at the University of Utah.