Vivat Ballet! – Online Audition Requirements

Entry Requirements

Who can enter and what should be included in your recording:

  • Individual ballet dancers (age 12 – 26).
  • Couple (partnering/pas de deux)
  • Ensembles (3 or more people)

Individual dancers or couples who have variations/pas de deux that are performance-ready, please include a video of your piece or pieces. Work can be from a classical ballet or a piece of contemporary choreography based on classical dance. Ensembles should include a sample of the piece of choreography they would like to perform at the Gala. Video can include live performance on stage or in the classroom and can be incomplete if you are still working on a piece. For ladies, pointe work is required in order to be considered for admission.

Classroom Work Samples:

Please send us a sample of your work. Your video does not have to be a professionally made tape. A self-made video is acceptable. The sample of your work from a Classical Ballet Lesson should include the following:

  1. Barre:
    - A combination of battement tendu and battement tendu jeté.
    - Battement fondu.
    - Battement développé and relevé lent at 90°.
  1. The Center Exercise:
    - Battement fondu combination.
    - Grand adagio.
  1. Allegro:
    - One small, one medium and one grand allegro combination.
    - Batterie combination, if at your level.
    - For men, an Allegro combination using Tour en l'air.
  1. Pointe – A sample of some of the following:
    - Combination of échappé in V and IV positions.
    - Preparation for and/or tours from V and IV positions.
    - Sissonne ouverte at 45 in the poses (in place) if at your level.
    - Jeté fondu forward and backward, if at your level.
    - Fouetté at 45 with eight or more turns, if at your level. Or Tours chaînes en diagonale, if at your level.
    - Various pas de bourrée, pas de bourrée suivi, pas couru in 1st position.
  1. Any classical ballet variation, Pas de deux, or contemporary piece of choreography. . (Optional)
    - Please state whether you have a costume for this variation.
    - State the name of the choreographer, where and from whom you learned the variation, and how long you have been performing it.

Please register for the audition by paying the audition fee of $27.50.

Email your headshot, resume/CV with your unlisted link to your audition video to by April 18, 2019.

To protect your privacy, a digital recording of your audition must be submitted as an unlisted link to a video sharing web site such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Flickr, etc.

The audition deadline is April 18, 2019.


You will be notified by April 25th in writing after your recording has been reviewed by Oleg Vinogradov, Festival Artistic Director, who makes the final decision in selecting the participants.